KCM Assets and Employment

Nchanga Underground Mine & Open Pit

  1. Championed the reopening of Nchanga underground mine with an extended life span of 20 years+
  2. Engagement of technical partners for Chingola Open Pit F&D, stripping of 4 million tonnes waste to commence ore mining
  3. Engagement of technical partners at Nchanga Open Pit Cut II to mine backfill and silt to expose 1.1 million tonnes of ore
Vedanta's commitments [chart]
Open Pit Team at Nchanga

Horizontal Belt Field Change House was commissioned in 2019 at Nchanga Tailings Leach Plant at a cost of 1 million kwacha – a facility that was installed to improve sanitation and the health of employees at the site

Vedanta's commitments [chart]
The TLP Team poses for a group photograph during during the launch of the Change House

CKM and its business partners employ approx. 13,000 employees in all areas of operation


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